Howl's Moving Castle


Sophie met Howl

One day, Sophie, a young milliner, was recused by the wizard Howl when she was entangled in the soldiers.

Sophie has became a 90-year-old lady

At the same time, Howl was also being chased by the "Witch of the Wasteland" who was aiming for him. Sophie was transformed into a 90-year-old lady by the curse of her witch.

Sophie left home and met a living scarecrow

Sophie can no longer stay in the hat shop and leaves home. On her way, Sophie helped a living scarecrow "Turnip Head" in the wasteland. After that, he brought her to Howl's moving castle.

Sophie made a deal with Calcifer

There was Calcifer, the devil of fire, who was forced to use magic to move the castle. He made a deal with Sophie, agreeing to break her curse if she helps break his link with Howl. Therefore, Sophie tells Howl that she will be a castle cleaner and live in the castle.

Sophie lives in Howl's moving castle

Although Howl yearns for a free and easy life, he is often asked by the king to fight and go to the battlefield. Howl also has a secret that puts him in danger.

Can Sophie save Howl? Also, can Sophie return to her original face?

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