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Disposable Bodywarmer

To use this disposable bodywarmer that could keep the body warm for about 14 hours.

Disposable Bodywarmer Picture

It is made of iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, and salt. All materials were put inside a flat non-woven bag. There is some adhesive on one side and allows us to stick on the clothes, but not directly stick on the skin.

It usually keeps warm for 14 hours with at least 40 ℃, an average of 53 ℃, and a maximum of 63 ℃. Depend on the usages, bodywarmer has different sizes and types. Also, the size would affect the duration of warmth.

According to my own experience, I would suggest sticking on the tummy area or under the socks (sole). If we keep these two parts of the body warm, it could keep the whole body warm. In addition, the mini size would be recommended to stick on the shoulder to reduce the pain of the stiff shoulder.

There is another type that cannot be stuck on the clothes. However, the warmth of the non-stick type could last for 24 hours. If your hands usually feel cold, this type may be the most suitable one for you.

I am a person who is afraid of cold, so I cannot go out without it in winter.

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