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Vacuum Heat Insulation Cooker

All my family members love soups and my mother makes soup every day. Chinese-style soups have to be boiled for at least 2-3 hours. After I had read the news about rising the energy price, I bought this vacuum heat insulation cooker right away.

Vacuum Heat Insulation Cooker - Outer Pot Picture Vacuum Heat Insulation Cooker - Inner Pot Picture

How does it work? Simply.

This vacuum heat insulation cooker mainly consists of two parts, an outer pot for keeping temperature and an inner pot for cooking. Just put all the ingredients into the inner pot as usual, and then boil on an induction hob or gas cooker for 20-30 minutes.

Vacuum Heat Insulation Cooker - Glass Lid of the inner pot Picture

After that, put it back in the outer pot and leave it for 2-3 hours. As the outer pot can maintain a high temperature for a long time, it is possible to cook while keeping warm. Therefore, I could save at least 75% electricity by using this cooker for making soup.

The capacity of the cooking inner pot is about 4.5L. It is enough for a family of 3-5.

The lid of the inner pot is made of glass, which means I can check the condition of the cooking without open the lid.

Moreover, as I do not need to take care of the fire, I can cook when I am out or sleeping.

In addition to soup, it can cook rice and various stewed dishes.

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